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5th Anniversary, Founder's Message

Welcome to the 5th Anniversary of ApnaHyderabad.com - 2007


Furqan Durvesh
Founder/Project Manager


In the Beginning   
On June 22nd, 2002 the Hyderabad Portal - ApnaHyderabad.com was born. The idea at the time was very simple and much different from what you see now.  For few months we continued to provide some basic services for our visitors who didn't exceed 200 per day.



Other Remarkable Accomplishments
Our discussions of our accomplishments would never be complete without talking about the Message Board and the new Discussion Forums.  The message board has been one of the most popular sections in our website. In fact, it has been so popular lately. The message board also helped redefine the role that our website has been playing in helping visitors communicate and unite at least online.  Helping us discuss issues critical to simple, and also helping us get in touch with each other, and finding new friends; sometimes even acting in the place of MSN and ICQ. Lately and to take things more seriously and provide even more choice for our members, we have added a more advanced Discussion Forum with many forums to discuss different topics.  The forums have recently become the official way of discussions on the website.


Beside all the above mentioned accomplishments, our website pioneered in providing many other tools which would simplify communications between visitors from all around the World. Such as a free email service (from 17th July 2007 - New AJAX Interface will be loaded), Hyderabad Telephone Directory (Now including Interior Cities of Sindh), Web Directory and a Instant Chat.  Other things to mention included  City e-directory, Urdu News, Sindhi News and English News Reports, and much more.



What Make the Website What it is?
Our website has been so popular due not only  to what we have offered our members and visitors in the last five years. It is how we provided these services and the major theme that dominated our interaction with our visitors. This can be highlighted as follows:

  • Our website has provided a tremendous technical support both through email or our other major communication tools. All at no cost, and all year long.

  • We have always listened to our members and what they want to see in the website.  While we can't make every demand a reality, we still guarantee that we have always listened to our members, visitors and audiences alike with no difference.

  • Our website and staff members helped get hundreds of visitors from Hyderabad and many other parts of the world connected to the internet.

  • The website has survived and resisted many obstacles that came in our way throughout our five years in operations. These include the wild dot-com collapse with which we had had online affiliation, and the most important of all the problems created by some individuals who used our website for the wrong purposes.  Also, our website is one of few websites on the internet that has continued to offer a free directory service.

  • Our website, unlike the majority of websites and and online sites have given a lot of freedom to our visitors to make their voices heard using our various sections, the latest being the ApnaHyderabad Official Forum, where the site audience are what help this section come to live by their literary contributions.

  • And finally and most important of all, our belief in our goals of establishing this website: that is to help Apna Hyderabadiz get together with one another in one place, as well as representing all users under one platform.



Important Statistics
Here is a list of some important statistics that shade the light on our accomplishments:

  • An average of 12569 visitors per day, and some 48,585 page views daily

  • Some 1.4 million page views per month.

  • Our website has been visited by people from over 25 countries

  • 12558 people have signed up for our free email service

  • Over 2150 discussion forum members

  • 25020 mailing list members

What People Said About our Website
Using our email, chat lines, message board or even real life quoting, we have selected these famous quotes about our website.

"In the beginning there was the web, then came AOL, then ICQ, then MSN. Finally there is ApnaHyderabad.com"

"Your website has helped me find the one I love, and will be with forever. Thanks a bunch"

"The ApnaHyderabad.com Instant Chat is the only thing I do daily more than washing my teeth or eating lol "

"I want to thank you for this great website which has become an all-in-one stop for all my City needs, including an email with you guys."

"If not for your website, I would never have found all the friends I have right now. Thanks you so much"

"ApnaHyderabad.com was the best last year and so will be this year and the next year."

"Your site guys is the reason why I got cable, so I can be on it daily"

"I would like to thank all those in attendance today....also to thank those who created ApnaHyderabad, because I can say Hyderabad is on the NET.


Looking ahead to the future, our vision remains the same and so will be our goals. But our ambitions and desires are infinite as long as there are Apna Visiotrs surfing the web, will continue to evolve.  Our website will continue to work intellectually, thinking of the best ways to serve our online community. Because to continue as being the biggest Apna community, we need to work even harder.  Some people think of our website as being a website only. In fact it is more than that. It is a network with individual sites or sections.  This is why a lot of people think of our website as one individual website because it has everything, and many more subsections.


Beside our online operations, we are looking forward to accomplish even more in real life by helping users get together in special events, and get-togethers.  Remember, that your coming to our website has a lot to do with our success. The more you come, the better this website will be. 



Send your Wishes here:



Flash Intro

ApnaHyderabad 5th Anniversary 22 June 2007


With All Sincere Regards,
Furqan Durvesh
Project Manager



Email: furqan.durvesh@webiff.com



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