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Hyderabad City Government



Kanwar Naveed

Res: H.No-9/A Block-D Unit No.6 Latifabad Hyderabad.
Ph: (Off.) 9200709, 9200690 (Res.) 9260368


Zafar Ali Rajput

H.No A/2937 Tilak Incline, Hyderabad.


Off: 9200112,3
Res: 79200115,6 Fax-9200117,4


City Government | NAZIMs, NAIB NAZIMs of Hyderabad City , Hyderabad (Rural), Latifabad, Qasimabad.


Taluka Qasimabad Administration  

Taluka Nazim
Noor Mohammad Shoro
Res: Goth Karan Khan Shooro Jamshoro Road Hyderabad

Ph: Off:9240049 Res: Ph: 2617080


Taluka N.Nazim 
Ghulam Hyder Shahani

Res: H.No 5 Memon Town Qasimabad Hyderabad

Off: Taluka Qasimabad Distt: Hyderabad
Res: Mir-Jo-Kot near Serri 

Administrations of Taluka Qasimabad
No and Name of Union Council Name of Returned Candidates Fatherís / Husband Name Category of seat Address
Shah Nawaz @ Parvez Akhtar Muhammad Khan Nazim Katchiabadi Phatan Goth Giddu Naka
Abdul Karim Ahmed Naib Nazim H.No.C.Memon Society Qasimabad.
UC-2 Mehboob Ali Abro Khuda Bux Nazim F.No.1 Al-Hafiz Laxury Appartment.
Imran Ali M.Bux Ansari Naib Nazim Al-Mustafa Town Phase-I Qasimabad.
UC-3 Muhammad Yameen Soomro ,lMuhammad Hussain Soomro Nazim Village Haji usman Soomro Waddu Wah Qasimabad.
Ali Hassan Jatoi Muhammad Ramzan Jatoi Naib Nazim B-6 Samanabad Qasimabad.
UC-4 Deedar Hussain Kiran Khan Shoro Nazim Goth Kiran Khan Shoro Qasimabad
Jawaid Chang  Ali Dino Naib Nazim Goth Noor Khan Chang Qasimabad.

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